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Teachers Training

Our purpose is to equip teachers with the appropriate method to teach both children and adults. Our programs are taught locally and internationally at yoga studios, schools and other community institutions. We cover all the topics required to be registered by Yoga Alliance, including technique, teaching methodology, meditation, anatomy and physiology. We educate and inspire teachers to achieve a successful yoga career. Partial Scholarships available!

Focus is placed on the differences and similarities of teaching children and adults. We emphasize the appropriate practice for different ages and stages. The art of sequencing classes is approached as well as writing a yoga prescription using an individual wholesome approach. Our emphasis is on exploring and learning the dosage of yoga practice appropriate for each individual student. Teachers are groom to provide individual attention in a group setting in their teachings. Specific yoga sequences taught have been created to build and develop a strong mental attitude, concentration, awareness, stamina, strength and willpower. We nurture the Emotional Body encouraging the “Motion” in E-Motion to be “Emote”. Using observation and application of yoga tools teachers learn methods of how to channel the alchemist within by positively transforming stagnant energy into vital and productive energy and pursuits.

Each course is taught by positive and enthusiastic teacher trainer. Yoga classes are creatively taught in a fun environment while discovering self-empowerment.

Yoga Angels Teachers Training Program 2014

40 Hours Introductory Course June 3, 2014 June 14, 2014
40 Hours Introductory Course October 7,2014 October 18, 2014
200 Hours Training & Certification June 3, 2014  July 26, 2014
200 Hours Training & Certification October 7, 2014 November 29, 2014

A Choice of Day or Evening Hours
 Hours & Days Per/Week Day Time Hours  Evening Time  Hours
Tuesday thru Friday 10:30am to 5:30pm  5:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday 10:30am to 5:30pm 10:30am to 5:30pm
40 Hours Introductory September 1, 2014 September 13, 2014
200 Hours Training & Certification September 1, 2014  October 4, 2014
95 Hours Kids Training October 6, 2014 October 25, 2014

85 Hours Pre/Postnatal Training -Learn to teach pregnant Woman

85 Hours Pre/Postnatatl Training November 3, 2014  November 18, 2014
6 Days Per/Week Monday thru Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm

300 Hours Adult Training TBA

An Assessment is Required for All participants and can be taken any suitable date offered at any preferred location!

Read all details below. TO SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON:  310-497-7270 USA


Course Description

Yoga Angels offers Teachers training and certification in the following below:

40 hours introductory Intensives
  • The first 40 hours of our training gives teachers the fundamentals of teaching a standard yoga class. Teachers are encouraged to begin teaching and we encourage hands on experience but all teachers are guided to continue to develop their teaching ability by completing the 200 hour certification course.
200 & 500 hours Teacher Training and Certification Program
  •  Our 200 & 500 hour courses consist of two hour asana practice classes, practice of pranayama, understanding kriyas, chanting, mantras, sutras, meditation and exploring other traditional Yoga techniques. The eight limbs of yoga, including the Yamas and Niyamas are then dissected and embodied. The course outline of weekly homework assignments, teaching opportunities, online assignments, tests, and reading materials are the structure of the program. We utilise the Yoga Alliance four principles of teaching: demonstration, instruction, observation and adjustment. The qualities of a yoga teacher and the business of yoga are also introduced. Anatomy, physiology and organ systems give aspiring teachers a wholesome approach. In 500 hours the 200 hour strategy and learning is reiterated and expanded upon; introducing the deeper and more subtle organic practice and teachings to transform and transmute untapped energy into productive pursuits. The energy body, chakras and nadis are introduced and instructed upon. Yoga philosophies, Yoga lifestyle and ethics for Yoga teachers are also covered.
85 hours Prenatal Training
  • We teach the adjustments of the yoga postures to create a harmonious practice for the expecting mother during pregnancy. Learning the difference between high-risk and non-high-risk pregnancy is emphasized. Precise alignment for the expecting mother and appropriate yoga postures for each trimester are fundamental to our approach. Pranayama is imparted as relaxation and a stress management technique. Basic anatomy and physiology specifically related to pregnancy are learnt. The course also offers an overview of how the organs function during pregnancy and how to balance the mental and physical body as a whole.
95 hours Kids Training
  •  How to teach yoga to children and make it exciting and fun is taught. How to introduce the eight limbs of yoga to children and the appropriate way to relate and adjust children are presented. Awareness, of ethical behaviour and language for children along with the appropriate practice for ages and stages of the developing child are explaind. Teachers are taught how to be creative in the teaching of children using multiple methods such as story- telling and games.
25 hours Youth Teachers Course (Peer Teaching) (Ages 8-12 & 13-17)
  • Peer teaching has always proven effective and productive for children and youths. Children are taught to teach yoga. The approach is fun, informative and creative expressing the benefits of yoga. Children’s cognitive skills, awareness, social skills, and self-image are greatly impacted. A certificate of completion is issued to each child that completes the course.

Yoga Angels Required Hours
Areas & Hours of Training
Contact Hours
Non-Contact Hours
 T = Technique  100  8
 TM = Teaching Methodology  25  4
 A & P = Anatomy & Physiology  25  4
 YP = Yoga Philosophy  10  0
 LE = Lifestyle/Ethic  20  0
 PR = Practicum  20  20
 HN = Health & Nutrition  5 0


Early Bird Special — Enroll now for discount!
  • 40 Hour Introductory Intensive — 2 weeks  $635.00
  • 200 Hours - RYT -  Teacher Training and Certification Program — 8 weeks  $2985.00
  • 300 hours - ERYT- Teacher Training and Certification Program  - 10 weeks  $2985.00
  • 85 hours Prenatal/Postnatal Training — 8 weeks  $1450.00
  • 95 hours Kids Training — 8 weeks  $1550.00
  • 25 hours Youth Teachers (Peer Teaching) Ages 8-12 & 13-17-4 weeks  $375.00

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Requirements
Thank you for inquiring about Yoga Angels Scholarship Program; We are happy to inform you that we are currently accepting applications.

Please follow these steps to apply.
Write a clear, concise letter stating the following:

  • Who you are
  • Your teaching experiences if any
  • Your goals for teaching yoga
  • Your current financial State
  • Your previous experience working with children if any.

(This could be little or no experience please, honesty is the best policy)

*If you do not need a scholarship, please do not apply, there are many that are in need.

Address your letter to the Grant Committee.
You are welcome to email your letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Please note that we honor our applicants on a first come first served basis. You will receive an online response.
Good Luck!
ph. 876-276-YOGA (9246)

Apprenticeship Program

There is a required 25 minimum remaining hours to be completed through our apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship program allows you to learn and teach in a class setting with any of our certified Yoga Angels teachers. There is no time limit on how long a teacher may apprentice. We are open to support all teachers until they feel ready to leave the apprenticeship program. 

Yoga Angels allows only those who have attended YA trainings in the apprenticeship program. (No exceptions) Seminars /Workshops/ Presentations YA offers customized programs for groups and organizations. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certification Program

The Assessment is by Invitation Only and is a
Three-fold Process Consisting of:
  • Asana Demonstration (physical yoga postures)
  • Written Skill test  
  • Teaching Skill Test

Kids Yoga Classes

Yoga principles and practice for the “individual child” with a concentrated focus in the Pre-School and K-12 classroom. The techniques learned in this program endure the duration of his/her lifespan. These classes are a “proactive program” that channels practitioners into productive pursuits, and preventing aberrant behavior. The long-term impact portends a healthier society –that is sober, mentally stable and drug-free. Our programs meet the needs of ethnically diverse children guiding them into becoming responsible adults.

  • Yoga Angels Community CLICK HERE!
  • Yoga Angels Press — A Young Adult Publication — YAP

YAP — Yoga Angels Press, or YAP, is more than just a youth yoga magazine, it is a unique, informative and inspiring forum for the creativity and individuality of young minds to flourish. YAP is a platform for youth to have an expressive voice with the consistent message of youth empowering youth. YAP features Kids -Yoga- Health and more covering topics such as Health, Politics, Yoga, Fashion, and entertainment. YAP seeks to have all kids and youth experience the realization of the endless possibilities they possess.

YAP staff consists of senior Yoga Angels ranging from ages 16-19 who have been apart of Yoga Angels program since they were 7-8 years old. These young adults can be seen demonstrating their teaching skills in their Yoga Angels Level One DVD. All the articles and interviews on the YAP website are orchestrated and executed by the Yoga Angels youth staff. The YAP Crew extends their services to the younger Yoga Angels children through Peer Mediation using Conflict Resolution and Preventative Methods. Please see program outline below

Teachers Training Program Refund Policy

Refund Policy: Refunds are only consider for attendees that pay for the program in full, minus administration/cancellation fees ,72 hours prior to start date and is not available for scholarship or payment plan recipients.

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Contact Us

4 Plumbago Path, Mona
Kingston, Jamaica

JA    876-590-4932

U.S. 310-497-7270

Quotes & Testimonials

  • To Subhadra: 
    Thank you for the most excellent experiences I (and my sister-in-law) had at Yoga Angels! I have now relocated back to Texas, and Dan's time in Jamaica ends at the end of this month.

    You have a wonderful organization and philosophy, and I learned much from my experiences that will stay with me forever. (Example: thanks for the foot exercise which healed my "Blue Mountain" foot.--in case you ever wondered).

    Peace, light, and love
    — Debbie Fenech
  • I feel… tired, sore, and relaxed
    — Eric Williams

    I feel like a new person
    — Brittany Blackmore

    Yoga was cool and a lot of fun. 
    — James age 11
  • Subhadra suggestion to the children that they can control their minds in order to control their bodies is phenomenal. The sooner they learn this the better they will be able to navigate themselves through life’s challenges
    —Edith Alvarez- child life Specialist-UCLA in Torrance

    Yoga is like gymnastic because we do head stand and bridges. It’s fun and you are good at teaching it
    — Savannah age 8
  • “I feel like I have stretched so much a chimp could would be able to........”
    — Marc Epstein age 54

    Thank you, I never thought I could bend like that
    — Britain. N

    I feel great, relax, better and stronger. I will do another class for sure…
    — London Perkins age 7
  • "With Subhadra's training I learned yoga from the inside out. I came into the teacher training without a yoga background. I was a little intimidated by the other students who had a yoga practice, but I was never treated differently. It was hard, but through the training I was able to connect with the purpose of yoga. As a result, I was able to teach my young students with confidence and freedom. AND it gets better everyday."

    — Robin Thorne
    Diakhate Site Director
    Zeitgeist Community Learning Center
  • I feel like yoga is the best of exercises
    — Eric Ortiz

    I feel relieved of pain pressure and stress…very relaxed
    — Rahmar Cooper
    Sickle Cell Foundation

    Subhadra was excellent with the children. Yoga is great to learn, esp. for children with Sickle cell, because it teaches them to control their bodies.

    Erin Rogers- Social Worker
    — Sickle Cell Foundation

    Challenging but very rewarding and makes your body feel very peaceful afterward.
    — Kai Allen
  • Dear KPFK spirituality programmers, my name is Dan Fritz, and I do extensive volunteer and news work early mornings at KPFK. Let me draw your attention to the Jamaican-born yoga teacher, Subhadra Griffiths. She's currently working to bring yoga to kids throughout the L.A. area through her non-profit organization Yoga Angels (yogaangels.com). She has brought yoga into elementary, middle and high schools throughout LA and LAUSD schools, including Fairfax high school, and many more. She is absolutely devoted to what she does and to the inner gifts of the children. And after training for over a decade in the rigorous Iyengar system of yoga, world-renowned as the most meticulous form of asana yoga, she's bringing the benefits of this system and adapting it into a creative, stimulating, balanced, amazing experience and environment for under-privileged, over-privileged, all the kids in L.A.-area schools. She's bursting with information regarding the wonderful effects yoga brings to a child's school experience. With the mandatory testing, competitive P.E. environment, underpaid adults, sugar-laden diet, cutbacks to the arts and sports... yoga provides real answers, no, real directions for these children to be able to look inside for their own answers. Subhadra trains her students to weave the spiritual wisdom of yoga into the classroom without offending any religious sensitivity. I could compliment her comprehensive approach forever.

    I'm only at KPFK in the early mornings so I have to write this e-mail. But I have no doubt that when you meet Subhadra and listen to her discuss her mission, you'll fall in love with her, as I have. Although I've met each of you, you may not remember me as it has been quite awhile since I've been at KPFK past 10am.

    Subhadra's my yoga instructor and my friend, and I have no inhibitions fully endorsing her as a guest for all of your shows.
    Please contact me at (805) 207-5284 if you want to hear more about her.
    You can call her on her cell at (310) 384-1202
    — Thank you very much, Dan Fritz

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