Helga Marzouca

Helga MarzoucaI have been a yoga practitioner for 10 years, and became a certified yoga instructor in 2007 as I came out of my “closet days of yoga” As an artist and busy wife and mother of four my life needed grounding and as I reached my forties I realized I had put myself in the back burner for too long. My journey of reconnection began quietly and softly and moved into internal turmoils as I got closer to the big 4 0. Recognizing that all lies within, including the divine connection to the universe I became totally consumed with wellness of the entire being: mind body and soul.



Yoga provided the perfect vehicle for that. As I got stronger, physically, I realized that I was allowing my spiritual strength to shine and that brought me to a very happy state of emotional health. It all fell into place and as I continue to experiment and enjoy the relationships formed during this amazing journey I seek balance in all I do.

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