Khara Perkins

khara"Khara Perkins has been practicing yoga for approximately 9 years and is both honored and thrilled to be a part of Yoga Angels Jamaica (YAJ). Khara received her teaching certification from and continues to train and teach at YAJ. The deep experience of re-connection to ones own body and mind through yoga continues to propel Khara to learn and share the benefits of yoga. She has found the Iyengar based practice at YAJ, focused in alignment of the body and it's use of props, to be an empowering way for all to become self-healers and work towards a greater sense of balance. Yoga is a powerful tool that assists our emotional, psychological, and physical development.


Our practice provides a space for us to explore and cultivate concentration, strength, flexibility, a positive attitude, creativity, respect, confidence, and discipline. These benefits can be carried into our daily lives and utilized in our relations with others. Ensuring a healthier life and future for us all."

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