Sara Chang

Sara ChangYoga is about liberation.  "The person who practices yoga regularly will not become a victim but a master of his or her circumstances and time."

Life is very full and often chaotic parenting three small children. Having practiced yoga for the past 12 years, I knew that it was my source of stillness and peace. My practice began to deepen. I wanted to heal myself. I wanted to empower myself. This statement hit deeply in my soul. I believed it. I knew it was the truth. And I knew it was why I needed to learn to teach yoga. So I could help others to find within the same source, the same power and tools to heal themselves, to connect with themselves, and to connect with others.

I enjoy teaching yoga to both children and adults. My special interest is children with special needs, especially children on the autistic spectrum. Yoga has been able to provide a stage for us to connect with each other, which is often very difficult for ASD kids. Balance, coordination, body control and awareness and self regulation is also some of the highly beneficial aspects kids will obtain through their yoga practice.

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